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UNI Entrepreneurs is a student organization designed to inform, support and inspire college students to be entrepreneurial and seek opportunity through enterprise creation.  Our group is affiliated with Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization (www.c-e-o.org) and Enactus (enactus.org).  As an active member, you will benefit through networking events, participate in business projects that consider relevant economic, social and environmental factors, learn how to hone an effective elevator pitch and attend national conferences in the fall and spring.


As social networking continues at an international level, UNI Entrepreneurs has created an interactive group on Facebook for all of our members.  Our members now have the capability to share ideas with one another and present new business concepts for other members to critique and provide valuable feedback on.  Additionally, the executive staff will also use Facebook to notify our members of upcoming events/meetings, as well as systematically spreading other important news.

After joining UNI Entrepreneurs, you can begin receiving the benefits of this exclusive online community of entrepreneurs.

Start your future today by joining us!  

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